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Whose streets?

We need a new story. One written by all of us. One that finds common ground, connects the dots, and unites us.

DOTS invites YOU to share in the authoring of that story via a coordinated, sustained and distributed global campaign of ‘Wild Chalking‘.

Could something as primal and evocative as chalk come to express our highest aspirations and our most urgent concerns?

DOTS vision is for chalk to become a universally recognised connective tissue, symbolically and practically uniting a ‘movement of movements’ representative and assertive enough to flip this toxic system and create a world fit for children.

No rules. Just chalk coupled with the authority, authenticity and trust that arises from a shared consensus.

Whatever your passion, whatever your perspective – ecology, economics, human rights, creativity, agency or compassion – it’s all connected.

Our urgent task is to make the connections and shift toward a systemic perspective. This is DOTS mission.

No-one is better positioned than you to know precisely where, when or what you might best contribute to DOTS.

All DOTS asks is that you do make your mark.

On suburban streets, in CBD’s, at rallies and outside workplaces. From the centre, to the periphery. En masse and individually. Pack chalk. Embrace #WildChalking. Connect the #dots.

Do not seek permission. Rather, seek justice.

When we act together we are literally unstoppable.

It’s time to connect the dots and join the DOTS.

Of course, sometimes it’s better to show not tell. Check out some DOTS here:


Our current information ecology is unfit for purpose. We need a system reset.

It’s time to return to the day dot, and reimagine our communications from the ground up.

DOTS critical innovation is to enable each individual chalk mark to explicitly contribute to a much larger picture.

It’s time to leave OUR ideas lying around.

MWe are limited only by our imagination and by our courage to act.

Whose streets?

Our Streets!

Only a crisis — actual or perceived — produces real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around

Milton Friedman, 1982

the world has changed, it looks completely different … it will probably not look the same again and we are going to need to find a new way forward.

Greta Thunberg, April 23, 2020

Showing Greta Thunberg, sitting at her computer. Participating in an online interview for Earth Day 2020.

Democracy On The Streets

What you see here is just the beginning.

Let’s get chalking.